Vermont Grass-Fed Beef 

Roselily Farm offers a selection of fine Vermont USDA- Certified Grass-Fed Beef in the online store. Ours is a small herd, so availability is limited. Beef, pork, chicken, & local eggs, as well as crafts and other products from our neighbors, are available in our shop. Come visit us!

Volunteer for Better Agriculture

Keep local farms alive by lending a hand. Roselily Farm has grown with the help of so many friends and volunteers: working in the fields to keep them healthy, or building barns or websites. We are often looking for assistance with projects and welcome volunteers!

Animals Raised Right

We produce the very best meat by respecting our animals and the land that supports them. Cattle evolved to live on grass and we feed ours nothing else. The Roselily herd grazes on our own pastureland in the summer, and eats our own hay in the winter. 

“Roselily beef is some of the finest meat my grill has ever met.”

- A happy neighbor