"Organic" 21st Century Farming is Empowered by Humane Principles

Roselily Farm is not a strictly organic farm. We agree with many of the principles of organic agriculture, but not all of the practices.

Read on below to understand our well-considered approach to our work, and to learn more about the careful reasoning for our departure from organic labels. 


"Organic" Principles with Herbicides & Pesticides.

The body of knowledge about safe practices with these chemicals is constantly growing. We're concerned about unintended harm to the environment, and the tests that measure efficacy. Until we learn more, this farm will not use herbicides or pesticides. 


"Organic" Principles with Humane Antibiotic Use.

In large-scale commercial production, antibiotics are routinely added to feeds, because it has been found that this increases production. As we are not a large-scale producer, we feel that this practice contributes to the loss of a vital weapon from medicine’s arsenal.


Nutrients: Manure, Compost, & Fertilizer

We love using manure and compost to naturally recycle as many nutritional resources as possible on this farm. It's our standard policy. Occasionally, though, spreading manure involves the use of fossil fuels with a steep environmental cost. After some experimentation, we have developed a measured response for those cases.

corn fed.png

Corn Does not Build a Better Cow.

The cheapest beef comes from the largest farms, which are heavily subsidized. Our beef production is not subsidized at all, but unfortunately this means that those who wish to buy our environmentally-friendly beef have to pay more for it.