Work with Roselily


Roselily Farm welcomes volunteers -- and not just farm work with our charming grass-fed small herd of happy cows. 

We are also looking for a creative and wily Social Media Intern (or Volunteer) - to play an active role in the creation, development, and launch of Roselily Farm’s presence in the online marketplace.

You know that Roselily Farm is an independent agricultural facility in Brattleboro, Vermont, offering a seasonal variety of grass-fed beef, pork, and other meat products. It is a special pride of the farm to only use sustainable and humane practices, respecting both the environment and the well-being of its animals. 

And how can you help the world know about it? 

Do you have experience with social media and online marketing? Would you like to learn more? Depending on your interest, availability, and experience, you can work with us to create and execute a marketing plan for our little farm. 

Drop us a line for more information: