We’ve loved the company of volunteers on Roselily Farm

Anyone who wishes to volunteer is welcome to apply. We usually ask people to come for at least two weeks, and between May and November, since there's not enough to do when there is snow on the ground.

All volunteers will work on the farm, getting to know the land, and our very special small herd. No prior experience in farming is necessary! And if you have social media skills, and would like to contribute to our online presence, drop us a line.
Our past volunteers were kind enough to write about their experiences working on the farm:

"I will always fondly remember the month of September, 2013...

During that time, I was volunteering at Roselily Farm 5 days a week and I was surrounded by both great company and the beauty of Vermont in early fall. I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge concerning maintenance and upkeep of the land a well as the concept of self sufficiency. 
I assisted in many daily duties, including ridding the grounds of invasive plant species, as well as handling and caring for the livestock. We were striving daily to make an all around healthier environment for raising crops and clean, grass-fed beef. 
We spent mornings feeding the pigs and checking the cows for various reasons, mostly to ensure they were healthy and happy. The activities of each day were always new and presented an exciting challenge, a new goal to reach. Working along side of Geof and Kiki was a pleasure and an inspiration for efficiently completing whatever task was at hand. Geof is extremely knowledgeable and informative and taught me so much. Kiki can solve any problem at hand with her relentless creativity, upbeat attitude and ingenuity. Each day with them was fun and special and most importantly, productive!
What I loved most about it all, is that Rose Lily Farm is becoming the kind of place I would hope the whole world would be like- self sufficient, clean, and working with nature, rather than destroying it. I was so proud to dedicate some of my time to this beautiful place and look forward to doing so again in the future."

- Emory

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Volunteer with Roselily Farm for a good licking!

Contact: Geof Dolman, the Farmer

236 Barrows Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301

+1 (802) 257-9442

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"I worked on Roselily Farm for six weeks in the summer of 2013. I volunteered because I was interested in doing physically demanding work that I felt had a very immediate and tangible purpose. I found exactly that at the farm.

Most of my time was spent dealing with an invasive species of rose bush that had come to dominate much of the pastureland. Geof wanted to reclaim the space the roses had overtaken for grazing and to stem any further growth of the invasive. However, always concerned for his cows’ well being, Geof was adamant about not using any sort of pesticide. That meant I had a lot of cutting of branches and ripping up roots to do. At first I remember leaving the farm with cuts coating my arms and thorns still stuck in my skin wishing I would get to do anything but look at another rose bush the next day. However, what I came to realize was that fighting off those rose bushes was the hardest most important labor I could offer Geof; the exact thing I had wanted to do in the beginning.

More than anything my experience at Rose Lily taught me how to work. Not to engage in the half-work, distracted practice I often find myself engaged in when finishing up a homework assignment, but to really dedicate myself to a job. When I wasn’t battling invasive roses I was with the cattle, all of whose names I came to know (though at times I confused them), or Basil and Sybil, the hilarious friendly pair of pigs who would nuzzle my ankles as I shoveled their poo. In between working hours I got to take a lovely lunch break as I enjoyed the farm’s amazing view.

Everyone at Rose Lily Farm was amazingly hospitable towards me. Though my experience was challenging I also think it was uniquely comfortable because of the kind, respectful way the people treated me there. I highly recommend Rose Lily Farm to anyone who wants to engage in some hard honest labor for a time and enjoy themselves while they’re at it."

- Toby